Hello and Welcome!

My message to you is Simple: 

It’s possible for you to discover in this moment that you ARE the love and freedom you have longed for.

It’s possible for you to cultivate a profound knowing of self-love and self-respect, allowing your life to become one that you wholeheartedly cherish; one that you’re grateful to live and inspired to give. 

You, in all you include, are exactly what’s needed for the evolution and thriving of our world.  You are welcome, wanted, and worthy.


Facing Ruin~ (Spoken)

In this episode, I share a true and personal story, from a...

Already Alright~ (Spoken)

In this episode, I’ll be examining the way our need to be in control~ particularly of that which is uncontrollable~ inhibits our ability to rest into life, to surrender and love ourselves just the way we are.

Only Silence

ONLY SILENCE Love, but not love for a reason. Love for this Silence...


Give In

Many of us carry a prayer that our lives might be of some true use...

The Necessity of Learning True Self-Respect

Today as I feel into the vitality of self-love within me, it feels...

To Choose Kindness: A Shame-Healing Story

Recently as I considered an especially poignant chapter from my...



“Courage” is a poem film, intended to transmit an inclusive perspective on Life, Love, and this precious, fleeting chance to show up generously as ourselves, and give what we were born to give.

Jesua’s presence and love is like a dream~ a quality seldom found on this planet~ of such purity, strength and delight. Her humor is infectious, her insight unparalleled, her level of care exquisite, her beaming light both a balm and laser for the soul. Jesua is an angel who has come to re-teach us the ways of light and love. She’s truly so good, so real, deeply profound and majestic. It is an honor to be in her midst. Nothing else compares.

~ Caitlin, healer and writer, Brooklyn NY

Jesua emanates pure and unconditional love, holding sacred space for deep healing and transformation to occur.  She speaks and lives her truth, guiding and encouraging me to do the same.  Her inquires have allowed me to see and discover my own truth, to listen and hear the guidance of my own true voice, as she holds the container with love and compassion for my unfoldment.  It’s an honor and a blessing to be in her vast and loving presence.

~Tamara, hospice nurse, Mill Valley, CA

Jesua is a bright shining star, leading the way Home…

~ Gangaji, international spiritual teacher & author

Help Me to Stay in the Wonder

My little boy only wants Sanskrit mantras sung to him as he falls asleep. “Please Mama, sing me the Sanskrit ones?” he says, as he scoots back his 7 year old body into my spooning embrace, finding his trustworthy bridge into  dream.

My little budding woman-child wants to talk and talk and talk, […]

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When Death Comes In Close

Death is always with us; an inescapable promise that goes hand-in-hand with life. And yet there are times when the undeniable presence of death comes in closer than usual, making its reality acutely known and felt.
Whether it’s a death from heart-wrenching suicide, or after a long-battled physical illness, or due to a tragic accident, or as a sudden, unexpected surprise—there is nothing like Death Medicine to bring us intimately close to the mysterious, precarious edge of our aliveness.

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“What if your being, as it is, is already more than enough? I believe it is.

I believe you, as you are, are way more than enough.”

“Love wants everything! No exceptions! Love especially wants to embrace that which has forgotten it belongs to Love. Did you figure that out yet?  Did you figure out yet that Love especially wants YOU?” 

“It takes a human village to meet the losses our humanity is facing in these times. It takes a human village to meet the angst of our collective human heart. Your heart is needed. Your voice has value. Your gifts are wanted. You are welcome here!” 

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