Meet Jesua:

A lifelong mystic, intuitive healer, skilled shaman and non-dual spiritual counselor, for decades Jesua has empowered individuals, couples, families and communities towards awakening, healing and greater service.

As a writer and speaker, Jesua joins a growing movement of sacred storytelling. She is particularly called to tell personal stories that ring with universal themes~ stories of breaking open, of falling apart to rise anew; stories of grief and gratitude, shame and yearning, trust and forgiveness.

Informed early in life by the lessons of life-threatening illness and disability, and currently by the humbling path of conscious parenting, Jesua’s teachings ring with grounded humanity, authentic empathy, and hard-earned self-compassion. She heartily extends an invitation to tell the fierce and tender truth, and models the chance to choose love, every time.

In the last 22 years Jesua has met with hundreds of people of all walks of life, while touching many thousands with her written words. She has become renowned for her capacity to write and speak, guide and teach from an eloquent depth of human honesty, vulnerability and wisdom that resonates and moves. She inspires us to discover the courage to be nothing less than ourselves, and give nothing less than everything.

Jesua lives in Ashland, Oregon with her partner and children. She is working diligently towards the publication of her upcoming book, Holy Messy Love, teaching and speaking nationwide, and continuously opening wider to the profound assignment of being alive as Love in these wondrous and heartbreaking times.

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