Everything follows the true breath of “Yes.”

There is nothing to do and nothing to be done. Only to tell the truth, generously, fearlessly, and let every moment be given. If the focus switches from “What am I getting from this life?” to “How does life want to use me in this moment?”, therein lies the hidden fruit of wholehearted surrender.

Whatever stories have surfaced within my own consciousness about why it’s still not time to fully surrender in this “Yes”, why it’s best to postpone, until I’m more healed, more perfect, more financially resourced, more articulate, more ready to receive the consequences of this “Yes”, more comfortable with exposure, these stories are a dharma bell for falling to my knees and handing it all over to Grace again. And then an earnest bowing, in true surrender: to this which wants to use my life, that already has my life, already is living my life, that IS my life, that is ALL life.

When I’m willing to see that the underlying essence of all my resistance is fear, then I know I just need to keep surrendering, to really die to what wants this life, what in truth, already has this life. In this truth of surrender, “how it is done” and “what becomes of my life” is not my concern, and none of my business.

And so I ask you, my friend, what are you carrying? What stories/lies are you possibly telling yourself, and convincing yourself are the real reasons why you cannot show up to the life you want to live??

Find the courage to see them and stop lying. Tell the deeper truth. Lay your unnecessary burdens down with great self-compassion.

Are you willing to let love have your whole life? To take a stand for truth?

The world needs your truth medicine, your heart on fire, your tender realness, your fierce grace. How ruthless are you willing to be with your sword of truth? How honest with yourself? How kind? How real and imperfectly yourself? How surrendered to Love’s use of you??

Don’t wait for Life to prove to you its generosity, its love for you, its answering of your prayers, its worthiness of your love and faith, in order for you to show up! Instead ask yourself: How generous, how loving, can I be? How deeply can I answer Life’s prayers in this moment?

I meet you in this ruthless surrender. xo

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