My message to you is simple: it’s possible for you to discover in this moment that you ARE the love and freedom you have longed for. You are welcome, wanted, and worthy. 

It’s possible for you to cultivate a profound knowing of self-love and self-respect, allowing your life to become one that you  wholeheartedly cherish; one that you’re grateful to live and inspired to give.

We live in unprecedented times of turmoil and possibility, wherein it has become undeniably clear that if we truly want peace and health and sanity in our world, we must each do our part, right now, to bring it! Yes? Are you with me?

I’m passionate about supporting you in fully arriving to the life you took birth for: a life that reflects your sacred resilience, brilliance, and unique offerings towards the evolution and thriving of our world. 

Come all the way home to your own life and love, and in so doing~ to the great work at hand~ for birthing together a new civilization we can proudly and tenderly take refuge in. 

Asking The Essential Questions:

What is it you most deeply, truly want? Is it freedom, peace, or truth? Is it to know true fulfillment or to find divine love? Is it to feel that your life matters or to know that you belong here? Is it to bring forth your life’s fullest expression?? 

What is it for you, really? What do you want your life to stand for?

Our meeting serves you in giving everything to your truest desire, while courageously facing everything you believe is in the way of that

What did you come to say, to give, to live, to serve? And what on earth are your waiting for?

Your heart is needed. Your voice has value. Your gifts are wanted. You are truly welcome here.

Signs of Ripeness & Readiness: 

At a certain stage of life, if we are lucky, we suddenly become present to the most essential questions: What in this moment of our lives, if anything, remains unlived? What remains unspoken, unforgiven, unthanked, unloved? What of our assignments remain incomplete?

We notice what we’ve been postponing, and we feel the sacred urge to leap. Upon deeper inquiry, perhaps we notice we are actually afraid of living and loving our lives the way we yearn to. And then perhaps, we notice an even deeper fear: of missing out on our own lives; of dying an unlived life.

Perhaps it is self-doubt that holds us back; a fear of inadequacy or unworthiness; some shameful sense that what we have to give is not good enough? Or perhaps it is some other story of financial or circumstantial constraint.

Whatever it is, whatever apparent obstacle, when brought to the light, holds the key to our freedom.


Making Medicine of What Has Broken Us:

My life has been one that has asked me to meet many real human challenges. And yet I can honestly say that all I have faced and lived through has humbled, strengthened and empowered my heart in true living service, and only deepened my capacity to live as Love.

It is my joy and honor to inspire the same revelation in you. 

It is through directly meeting our challenges that we finally discover what we are made of, right? 

The great opportunity we have in these human lifetimes as I see it, is to realize how to make medicine of what has broken us; how to allow our suffering to transform into the very treasure we came to give. 

Work With Me

I offer an initial complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to make sure it feels mutually aligned and resonant for us to work together, as well as to get a better sense about what it is you are wanting support with.  Contact me here to schedule your 15 minute complimentary call. 

If it feels right to both of us to move forward, then we schedule an initial 90 minute exploratory session. 


Deep INquiry

My approach begins with deep inquiry~ into what’s present and current for you, the powerful gifts you carry, the tender challenges you work with, your deepest fears and doubts, your clearest yearning and vision for your life. Together we will honestly open to how this connection might best serve to catalyze your deepening path of healing, awakening, and service.  

When we receive true support for meeting within us that which we have habitually resisted meeting, profound release, self-embrace and radical life-transformation can occur. When we are finally willing to tell the truth about what we most desire, and courageously embrace the layers of investigation, self-honesty, and surrender required to give ourselves whatever that is, we get to come HOME  to this very moment, just as we are, freshly available to living the life we were born to live. 

You are the healer and I serve as a mirror,  reflecting your own innate wisdom in bringing yourself exactly what you are most essentially needing. I am also honored to work with a team of light beings, who assist us with pure love and skillful attention.

Different Designs to Meet Your Needs:

  • Single session:  receive an individual 90 minute session with me. This is the preferred way to work on a single, arising topic, or when one’s schedule makes its challenging to anticipate ongoing availability. 
  • 6 Session Immersion:  Receive six 90 minute sessions within a 3 month timeframe. A potent opportunity to dive deep into a sacred container solely dedicated to catalyzing your unique healing and evolutionary process.  
  • Sacred Intensive:  a custom 2-3 day container designed for an individual, couple, family, or small group at an appropriate location of our mutual choosing. Using the immeasurable power of prayer and shamanic support, this is an incredible way to heal, reclaim and rebirth our true selves. It provides  a safe container and holy chunk of time to go deep within, so we might discover and powerfully choose the insights, directives and life-changing visions our hearts and souls are calling for. 

 Most session work occurs with clients by phone, internationally. 


“If what we really want is the world’s awakening, then we must discover the courage to embrace what’s desperately wanting to awaken, to come home to love– right now, right here, within us.”

Embody Love

What I’ve come to know is that I am alive quite simply for Love.

I am here to take refuge in my own true love, and to live and give from this love, fanning the fire of divine Love alive in ALL, in as many generous and beautiful ways as I can muster.

Ultimately I experience this meeting with you to be the work of Love, welcoming itself home, realizing and embodying itself ever-more- completely, as YOU. 

I have come in service of you and your service.

I have come to encourage your courage, your honest self-inquiry, your tender commitment to outrageous freedom for yourself and unprecedented peace for our world…

I am here in huge service and surrender to this which is compelled to live as extraordinary, evolutionary medicine in our world~ within you, within myself, within us all.  

Always it is my deep honor to meet you here, in the courage and the challenge, the heartache and the prayers these times invoke in us. 

I welcome you to come closer, to reach out and connect in whatever way you are moved to! 

~*~ Jesua            

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