What’s Here Right Now?

There are limitless ways to distract ourselves and avoid what’s actually present—everything from substance use, to staying busy, to social media addiction, to worrying, to buying things, to gossip, to texting, to obsessing about other people’s issues. But there is really only one way to be with what’s here, and that is to stop, and turn to face what’s present; to be willing, if only for a moment, to tell the truth and open to what’s arising. 

Often we avoid facing what’s present because we fear that if we do, it will take over, and we will no longer be able to function, or get through our workday, or show up to take care of the children. But in my experience, all it usually takes is one pure moment of checking in with myself; asking myself with curiosity and kindness, What’s here right now?   I discover again and again that Love wants to receive this painful feeling, too—whatever this feeling may be. 



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“Courage” is a poem film, intended to transmit an inclusive perspective on Life, Love, and this precious, fleeting chance to show up generously as ourselves, and give what we were born to give.

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