Profundity of Presence

Profundity of Presence

This moment. This very moment that our whole lives led up to. Oh my, such an amazing realization every single time! I’m writing this and you’re reading this in THIS moment.

I confess I notice a little self-consciousness that accompanies this desire to speak to the profound truth of presence. It’s the voice in my head that says, “Everybody knows that, Jesua. It’s the most basic teaching of all time. Why are you talking about that?” But I’ll tell you why: I’m continuously astounded by this exquisite revelation of presence. Aren’t you??

I mean truly—what a miracle… that this NOW, this holy instant, is all we get, forever. Isn’t it a breathtaking reality? So simple, so obvious, and yet forever bearing the possibility of an entirely fresh and deeper revealing.

It’s why Ram Das told us to “Be Here Now.” It’s why the celebratory call to presence is at the heart of every spiritual tradition. It’s why my teacher Gangaji asks us, “Where is your attention in this moment?” It’s why my dear shamanic elder Tom Pinkson invites us to “Live Love Now.”

Inherent in presence is an intimacy with death, with the precariousness of our aliveness, the precious fleetingness of life. To be fully present in life is to be fully present to the undeniable truth of death. Maybe that’s why so many people do everything possible to avoid being present?

Inherent in presence is our willingness to BE with whatever is present… even if that is extreme discomfort, or fear, or confusion, or grief, or fury, or shame.

If we put down all our distractions, all our scrolling, our shopping, our striving, our avoiding, our processing, our relating, our fantasizing, our scheming, our gossiping, our wishing, our hating, our whining, even our intending, and just be here with ourselves in this moment, there’s a chance for a fresh start.

A fresh beginning of life again. A fresh moment, this moment: our only moment of life, to live.

This is the only moment we ever get—to be vigilant; to be kind; to feel what’s arising; to respond with patience; to tell the truth; to say I’m sorry; to love ourselves.

Our presence is one and the same with our open, holy heart. It’s a chance for our hearts to meet the world, just as it is.

To meet LIFE just as it is, and our own selves just as we are, for the first time, for the only time.

As we attend continuously to presence, then we get to live in a world that is present to itself, open to itself, awake to itself, alive as love in itself.

And this, it seems to me, is the most potent medicine we could ever ask for.

I love you. xo

A Dharma Bell for Self-Compassion

A Dharma Bell for Self-Compassion

What if every single time we are triggered, and every mistake we make is an invitation for self-compassion; an invitation to be merciful with ourselves?

What if the very presence of reactivity—either inside of us, or coming at us—can be a dharma bell for self-compassion?

I made a few mistakes in the last week; moments when I failed to be true. There was that moment when I side-stepped my own integrity and colluded with another’s drama. There were moments when I raised my voice in frustration. There was that moment I consciously indulged a perspective of fault and blame. There was that moment when I allowed words unlike love to move out of my mouth and into the ears around me.

It’s amazing how the deepest teachings of integrity and kindness come from the very moments when we fail to embody integrity and kindness.

What else could better reveal to us the consequences of our forgetting?

If we can take those teachings in, and truly allow them to penetrate our hearts, honing our living intention to be truer and be kinder, and if we can then use the pain of our mistake to inspire acknowledgment, apology, and self-forgiveness…

Then even our painful mistakes and failures can only serve our truer living of love. 



New Decade Blessings

New Decade Blessings

Happy New Year, new decade, new holy moment from our little family to all of you…

I feel a simple prayer for us all. A prayer for ever-deepening presence in our living and our loving. A prayer for intimacy with the gift of this moment and what it means to keep our gratitude closer than close.

A prayer that we find increasing gentleness and kindness with ourselves and one another.

A prayer for courage; that we might continually take a stand for truth and love and self-love in the moments that are most difficult for us to.

I pray that as individuals and as a collective we might rapidly wisen and evolve. We might more easily make the connection between action and consequence. We might more quickly catch ourselves in the act of untruth and make a better choice.

Personally, I pray to get quicker at stopping myself in moments of forgetting. Quicker to rise to a truer action or speaking. Quicker to listen openly. Quicker to self-responsibility and apology. Quicker to forgiveness and compassion. Quicker to humility. Quicker to laughing at myself. Quicker to kindness please. Quicker to trust. Quicker to resting once again into what’s holding it all.

In this moment and every moment my prayer is to get out of the way of Grace, and to somehow do right by all I’ve been entrusted with. Especially this golden torch of truth.

To discard any habituated allegiance to self-doubt or self-denial or self-questioning.

To surrender.

Happy ever-new Moment dear ones! Happiest New Year blessings, New Decade blessings!

In this newest Now, I love you so! xo J

Vigilance & Mercy~ Preview!

Vigilance & Mercy~ Preview!

Dear Loves,

Whew, my friends…these times! Oh my.

How are they for you? I notice for myself and so many others, including most of my closest kindreds, these times are really working us over.

Perhaps in extremely potent times of immense evolutionary transition, it’s the most sensitive souls amongst us, the star-keepers and medicine-bringers and truth-tellers, who feel it in the deepest ways.⚡️🔥⚡️

We can feel the challenge of rapid evolution inside our very cells, aching in our hearts, calling our minds into increasing alignment and clarity.

We can feel the requirement of ever-deepening vigilance, immense self-compassion and surrender.

We are ever-humbled by our shortcomings, and yet called to keep showing up, ever-more-truly, as love and truth in this world.

How is it possible to be vigilant to the deepest truth when all our issues are up?

How do we atone with the most grueling parts of our humanness —when anxiety, rage, exhaustion or loneliness push us beyond our capacity?

How is life fiercely reflecting to us that it’s really time now to evolve our tendencies of reactivity, or avoidance, or laziness, or drama, or self-loathing… and how is it ALL simply a call for deeper MERCY?

These are the questions alive at the heart of my personal inquiry, and also the questions at the heart of the online course I am preparing to launch very soon, entitled “Vigilance and Mercy” which I’m excited to share with you more about in the coming weeks!

In the simplest terms, VIGILANCE is the means by which we get to LIVE what we’ve realized.

Vigilance is how we take what we realized in the heart of that spiritual intensive, or medicine journey, or vipassana retreat, or moment of lucid clarity at the top of the mountain, and APPLY it in the everyday moments of our messy human lives.

The moments when the children are driving us crazy, or when our survival-fears arise, or toxic resentment is brewing, or anxiety comes knocking in the middle of the night, or the grief builds like a tsunami in our chest.

For me, vigilance is at the heart of my ultimate sanity, joy and usefulness. 🌟🕊🌟

And I haven’t come by it naturally.

I had to be taught, intimately guided and mentored for many years by my beloved teacher Gangaji, in order to become a solid steward of this medicine.

Without vigilance, all of my breathtakingly profound awakenings would just be lovely experiences of the past.

Vigilance is how I make all the gifts I’ve been given meaningful in THIS moment.

And MERCY? Mercy is what we all need more of, especially in our patterns of being hard on ourselves.

Mercy is love, for that which feels unworthy of love.

Mercy is the kindness and compassion we can muster up for that which feels most stuck and lost and afraid within us.

Mercy is the most generous response we can discover in the face of our inevitable failure to be vigilant!

It is the living meeting place of these two treasures—vigilance and mercy, that I am most inspired at this time to invite myself and all of us to deepen in.

To this end, I’ll be expounding on this topic in the coming days and weeks, always with a prayer that what I share lands as relevant medicine for YOU.

Please comment below or message me if you’d like to be amongst the first to know more…

All my love to you, in this very moment, wherever you are! 💞
From my heart to yours, ~*~ Jesua