Meet Jesua:

A lifelong mystic, shamanic healer, non-dual spiritual counselor, and a devoted mother of two, for decades Jesua has empowered individuals, couples, families, and communities towards awakening, healing, and thriving in greater service.  

Informed early in life by the humbling lessons of life-threatening illness and disability, Jesua’s teachings poignantly convey her grounded humanity, authentic empathy, and hard-earned self-compassion. 

In her early twenties, Jesua met her spiritual teacher, Gangaji. As Gangaji’s personal assistant and healer for five years, Jesua received invaluable private mentoring as they traveled the world together. To this day, Gangaji’s shining clarity and love deeply inform Jesua’s life and work. 

Augmenting her longtime work as a non-dual spiritual counselor, Jesua has been powerfully influenced by indigenous lineages, initiated as a “Mesa Carrier” by the Q’ero shamans of Peru, and entrusted as a skilled leader in ceremonial traditions. 

The humbling path of motherhood has also been one of Jesua’s true teachers. More than any other path, it is here, in this tender, rigorous, relational “mess” of everyday loving, that she is required to walk her talk and choose love in the moments that count the most. 

As a writer and speaker, Jesua joins a growing movement of sacred storytelling. She has an extraordinary gift for telling relatable personal stories that ring with universal, transformational themes—stories of breaking open, of falling apart to rise anew; stories of grief and gratitude; shame and healing; trust, generosity, surrender and forgiveness. Jesua’s articles have been featured abundantly on the Huffington Post, as well as Brother David Steindl-Rast’s site,, and Oasis Magazine at

 As readers are soon to discover en mass with the publication of her upcoming debut book, Holy Messy Love~ A Heartening Invitation For These Harrowing Times, Jesua is real, ruthlessly honest, and radiantly present in the face of all that life includes—modeling what it looks like to choose love, every time. Through stories, inquiry, and breathtaking insight, she shows us how making this choice may be the healing antidote we’ve all been seeking.

All that Jesua has studied and lived comes together in her teaching in a masterfully integrated and coherent way that leaves no one out. Whether a longtime student on the spiritual path, or brand new to self-inquiry; whether walking the path of parenthood or childless; whether young or old, single or partnered—all are included. With refreshing consistency, Jesua heartily extends an invitation to courageously meet what’s here, to open even wider, to tell the tender truth, and to live as revolutionary love, moment by moment.

Jesua lives with her children in Ashland, Oregon. 

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