I was texting with one of my closest soul sisters earlier today. She had texted to wish me a happy Easter, and to share with me her overflowing heart of inspiration, following an astonishingly beautiful church service she had just attended.

This is of the most devoutly spiritual women I know, an elegant medicine woman of fierce truth and grace, and yet not unlike myself, is not someone who has identified herself as Christian.

She had taken her children to this Easter Sunday church service with an open mind and heart, and then had been utterly blown away by the raw, freshly alive transmission of radiant Christ teachings the entire sermon had delivered. My sweet sister’s heart gushed with palpable gratitude through her written words, and I felt blessed to receive vicariously through her divine encounter.

It got me thinking about Christ, the holy man and consciousness, and how private and intimate my love for Christ has always been. I was born an immensely spiritual soul, and yet raised inside a completely non-religious family. In this freedom from organized religion and indoctrination, I was allowed to remain innocent in my direct love relationship with God. I experienced an undeniably sacred connection with Jesus, inside my innermost golden heart; a tenderly intimate and deeply personal love.

When at twenty-four, I had a major spiritual awakening involving being entirely consumed by the Sun, in which I lost my personal reference point as “a separate somebody” for six weeks, it could be said that Christ Consciousness was at the center of that realization, as I returned to Oneness with all life as Love.

On this Easter day, this potent resurrection teaching day, I contemplate the Love we get to live FOR, live IN, live AS.

What a precious gift—all these infinitely diverse ways we humans can be given to taste and know and name what’s essentially namelessly sacred and true. What a bountiful, generous mystery indeed. 

I turn towards Death, always ever-close, and nod—not for the first nor the last time—with tremendous, humble respect.

Tenderly, I consider: What remain of my precious life assignments, and what’s currently burning in my heart to give, to live, to serve? I ask myself: What do I need to offer up, in order to get even more fully out of the way?

 And how about you, my loves? What remains for you? What’s sacredly churning and divinely burning? What’s being sacrificed in you, so that the rebirth you long for can occur?

 When we show up wholeheartedly for the crucifixion, the miracle is bound to follow.

 What an honor it is to get to live and die and be reborn for this Love, in this Love, as this Love—over and over, again and again.

Ever-grateful to meet you here in this diversity of reverence, in this holy messy humanness, in this undying Love~

Xoxo Jesua


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