A monthly membership program for spiritual deepening, community, support, and guidance.

Wisdom. Integrity. Self-Love.

We live in extraordinary, bewildering times. It’s undeniably clear that the world needs us all to wake up NOW; to each realize the deepest truth of love within us, and to somehow stretch to bring through our unique gifts. We know we need to discover how to meet the challenging demands of our lives in a good way; in a way that allows us to be fully available to each new moment. And yet often this very pressure to “awaken” and “show up” and “contribute value to our world” only intensifies our angst.

The Living Truth membership program is a container designed to address the dynamic complexity of these common issues.

As we open to the very worst within ourselves and our world, we discover that even our most broken, wounded aspects can bring us deeper home to life and to love.

As we awaken to the reality of how profoundly fleeting it all is, we are inspired to be present for our temporary lives. We realize that life’s too short for anything other than the blazingly honest truth, and watch as our lives come into alignment with our deepest heart’s knowing.

As we recognize how it is that we exacerbate our own suffering, we learn to keep vigil at the flame of emotional sobriety. We understand the necessity of not taking any of it too personally.

As we ask that our lives might somehow be of service, we get to discover directly what it means to be true to what we’ve realized.

And as we choose to embody love, clarity, compassion and discernment, we experience the gift of being a beacon of truth and love in troubled times.

Here is an invitation to dive in and land more deeply in ourselves; to come home more fully to our place in this world, with all our human brokenness and wholeness intermingled.

Here is an invitation to do the inner work required to truly allow our lives to be of service.

Living Truth Membership offers:

  • Ongoing connection with sacred companionship and guidance.
  • Access to a consistent current of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement.
  • Catalytic and compassionate mirroring in service of true transformation.
  • A safe space that encourages refreshing transparency and truth-telling.
  • An invitation to choose a freeing perspective that can unburden and unbind.

Who is this program designed for?

The Living Truth membership program is for anyone who feels called to an online container dedicated to spiritual awakening, deepening, and embodiment of what we know to be true.

All that Jesua has studied and lived comes together in a masterfully integrated and coherent way that leaves no one out. Whether a longtime student on the spiritual path, or brand new to self-inquiry; whether walking the path of parenthood or childless; whether young or old, single or partnered—all are included.

How does the membership work?

There are three tiers to the membership, created to meet you at whatever level of engagement and desire you desire. All three tiers include the following:

Monthly 2-Hour Group Mentoring with Jesua

A profound opportunity to gather and bring your burning questions and reports, allowing this potent dialogue to support us all. Meetings will always be recorded and available if you aren’t able to attend live.

Bi-Monthly Inspiring Assignments and Videos

Receive written invitations, spiritual inquiries and support videos every other week that allow you to take this work as deeply as you wish.

Private Facebook Group

Members only 24/7 Community Support, overseen by Jesua. Share your daily insights, breakthroughs and revelations. Let yourself be witnessed and supported by like-minded kindreds.



The basic level of membership.  
You will receive access to live group mentoring with Jesua every month, and every other week you’ll receive an email with inspiring inquiry and a support video. You’ll also have access to a private Living Truth Facebook group. Webinars are recorded if you can’t make it live.



Deepening your embodiment of truth.
In addition to the monthly live group meeting, support emails/videos and facebook group, you will have the chance for an additional monthly group meeting. You’ll also receive a 10% discount on any private mentoring with Jesua you might decide to partake in.



 A container committed to deepening, including the support of a monthly private mentoring relationship with Jesua. At this level of membership, you receive all of the above AND a monthly 60 minute private session, uniquely fostering your journey. You’ll also have exclusive weekly email access to Jesua, with the chance to dialogue via writing and receive potent support and mirroring. (Limited to 10 participants. )

Examples of Potential Topics for Inquiry & Discussion:

  • The requirement of courageous self-honesty
  • Embracing a marriage to Truth
  • Holy discernment
  • Exposing our unique patterns of self-sabotage and self-betrayal
  • The invitation to open to what’s here, no matter how uncomfortable
  • The profound possibility inherent in Presence
  • Overhearing our negative self-talk, & the dharma-bells for self-compassion
  • How to work with relational triggers
  • Meeting your edge of spiritual growth, vs. the spiritual super-ego
  • Wholehearted Parenting and Conscious co-parenting
  • Transforming our life wounds into our greatest gifts
  • The spiritual “burn” of not moving in the face of temptation to indulge
  • Self-responsibility and self-respect
  • Emotional sobriety vs spiritual bypass
  • The consequences of withholding forgiveness
  • True surrendering of the reins to what’s holding it all
  • And so much more….

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