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This is an invitation to come home to yourself—to embrace everything that makes up the holy, messy, and miraculous life that you know as your own.

Vigilance & Mercy

An 8 Week Immersion

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  • Harness true presence
  • Walk your spiritual talk
  • Catch yourself in the act of self-betrayal
  • Take responsibility for your freedom
  • Master the art of forgiveness
  • Embody self-respect and dignity
  • Lead your whole life from truth and love

Holy Messy Motherhood

An 11 Week Immersion 


A container devoted to receiving essential spiritual nourishment inside the daily grind, complexity and tedium of Motherhood.

Here is a sacred space to intimately explore how we can make medicine of the dark side, the wounds, and the challenges of Motherhood.

 A place to talk about grief and sex and guilt and joy and shame and loss and longing.

This is also a place to fan the fire of the Holy Path and Essential Work of stewarding the next generations of humans.


Holy Messy Motherhood

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Jesua’s devotion to truth is a force that carries those around her into a higher order of reality. Her generous heart invites Love to shine into every corner of your life. What you learn with her will stay with you for the rest of your life.”

 —Brian, bodyworker and spiritual counselor, Ashland, OR


The presence Jesua holds is one of true love and healing. Her connection to stillness and truth is strong and trustworthy, and her way of reflecting, empathizing, and offering a new light toward challenges is not only skillful but a precious gift to anyone who seeks her council...”

—Ila, musician and teacher, Ashland, Oregon


“Jesua is a truly extraordinary woman a bright shining star, leading the way Home. She teaches as she lives: with clarity, intelligence, heart and humor…”

— Gangaji, world-renowned spiritual teacher and author