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Facing Ruin~ (Spoken)

In this episode, I share a true and personal story, from a challenging experience I had one night, not long ago`, while co-facilitating a group healing ceremony. I delve transparently into the process by which we resist feeling both personal and collective discomfort,...

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Already Alright~ (Spoken)

In this episode, I’ll be examining the way our need to be in control~ particularly of that which is uncontrollable~ inhibits our ability to rest into life, to surrender and love ourselves just the way we are.

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In Praise of The Glimpse~ (Spoken)

in this episode of Musings With Jesua, called “In Praise of The Glimpse,” I’ll be examining different forms of sacred glimpses we are given in our daily lives…and how each one serves, in its own unique way, to bring us back to the heart of the matter, reminding us of what we love and cherish most of all. Enjoy!

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