Into The Arms of The Holy

Oh leaning back, leaning
all the way back,
into the arms of the Holy.

Letting go of the reigns, completely.
Letting what’s always been
taking care of it all
take care of this, too.

And when we doubt,
and when we fear,
and when we want less
and when we want more~
all this gets handed over too.

Because once we see
that all we’ve ever wanted
is truly already here?

And we are not asked to face
more than we, as Life, can bear?

And we are not asked
to release anything
that was ever ours
to begin with?

Then we can simply stop
our fight against Life,
against Death, against God,
and open even wider
to this excruciating,
humbling pain
and astounding beauty
Existence so generously includes.

We can dare to say YES
to this, all this
our Beloved
is offering to us~
not just the pleasurable,
not just the sweet,
delicious parts.

All the parts.

Letting this YES rip
our tender hearts apart,
destroying every notion
of what is acceptable,
what is want-able,
survive-able, loveable.

And as long
as we’re saying YES,
we might even wish
to say: Thank you.

Thank you Beloved
for my life that includes
my death, my suffering~
that includes the deaths
and suffering of everyone I love;
everyone and everything
in our precious, troubled world.

Thank you for this Love
to which I always return, this bow
in which I forever
tremble with reverence,
moved towards forgiveness,
awed as stillness,
surrendered in faith,
restored by truth.

Thank you Beloved.
I’m letting go
of the reigns now.
Letting you hold
all this you have always held.

I’m leaning back now,
all the way back, now
into the arms of the Holy.

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