Praise For Jesua

Jesua is a truly extraordinary woman— a bright shining star lighting the way home. She writes as she lives: with clarity, intelligence and humor. 

~ Gangaji~ international spiritual teacher and author

Jesua’s presence and love is like a dream~ a quality seldom found on this planet~ of such purity, strength and delight. Her humor is infectious, her insight unparalleled, her level of care exquisite, her beaming light both a balm and laser for the soul. Jesua is an angel who has come to re-teach us the ways of light and love. She’s truly so good, so real, deeply profound and majestic. It is an honor to be in her midst. Nothing else compares.

~ Caitlin~ healer and writer, Brooklyn NY

Jesua’s presence is a testimonial in itself. In dedicating her life to love, to truth, to awakening, she is the walking, breathing, giving extension of that commitment.

When she shines her light on you, you know you have been seen in the truth of your being. This alone is profoundly powerful for anyone who is ready for that ultimate kind of healing.

~ Toni~ intuitive, teacher & poet, Fort Bragg, CA

Jesua emanates pure and unconditional love, holding sacred space for deep healing and transformation to occur.  She speaks and lives her truth, guiding and encouraging me to do the same.  Her inquires have allowed me to see and discover my own truth, to listen and hear the guidance of my own true voice, as she holds the container with love and compassion for my unfoldment.  It’s an honor and a blessing to be in her vast and loving presence.

~Tamara~ hospice nurse, Mill Valley, CA

I’ve known Jesua and collaborated with her professionally for over 20 years. Her devotion to truth is a force that carries those around her into a higher order of reality. Her generous heart can truly do that, allowing Love to shine into every corner of your life. Her pure soul frequency is that of a Genuine Goddess, a true Priestess/Shaman, and an extraordinary alchemist of the Heart. What you learn with her will stay with you for the rest of your life.

~ Brian~ healer and counselor, Ashland, OR

Being in Jesua’s presence, is itself, a transmission. Unlike anyone I’ve ever worked with, Jesua’s voice has a quality of Love itself.  Her guidance has been absolutely vital in my healing and awakening journey.

With true loving presence Jesua has guided me to meet myself with compassion.Over and over again, she has gently turned my wounded or judgmental perspective back to love.  

It may sound like a cliché, but Jesua is an angel. She meets me with fierce, sacred presence, and I learn to meet myself through this.

Jesua has given me hope. Jesua has guided me home.

 ~Amanda~ therapist and teacher, Asheville, NC 

Jesua is a luminous being filled with divine intention ~ she has an accumulation of wisdom teachings and skills to help illuminate the path of the soul that has been temporarily blinded by consensus reality. She is all about waking up to what is true.

~Ron~ shamanic healer, teacher & musician, Fort Bragg, CA

Jesua is a brilliant teacher, healer, mother, friend, and person. I truly believe anyone who is able to meet with her is truly blessed and will be forever grateful! 

~ Carlin~ yoga teacher and therapist, San Francisco, CA

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.’ Hafiz said that.  

Jesua IS that.  Again and again, she clearly reflects the deepest most true self that I took birth to live and love. Jesua’s medicine is of remembering and of lifting the veils that shroud the wisdom we all carry. She is a warrioress of truth and I am immensely grateful to have her on my team.

Lauren~ therapist and musician, Sebastopol, CA



“I meet you in the heartbroken core of despair, and in the glorious beauty of love’s fulfillment. I meet you in this greatest gift of our fleeting, mysterious aliveness. I meet you here and I love you…” 

“There are limitless ways to distract ourselves and avoid what’s present. But there’s really only one way to be with what’s here~ and that is to stop, and turn to face what’s present; to be willing in this moment to tell the truth and open to what’s here.” 


Love cannot be postured. It is not an attitude or opinion or belief. In my heart, when I speak to love I’m speaking to that which breathes life into everything we know, all the heartache and miracle, all the mess and all the treasure.

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