An 8 Week Immersion

In Spiritual Integrity & Embodied Self-Love


  • Harness true presence and walk your spiritual talk
  • Catch yourself in the act of self-betrayal
  • Take responsibility for your freedom
  • Master the art of forgiveness
  • Embody self-respect and dignity
  • Lead your whole life from Truth and Love

What’s included in this powerful 8 week immersion?


1-Hour Initial 1:1 Discovery Session with Jesua

Uncover your specific, current life challenges and desires so as to create a powerful living intention for your journey.

Weekly 2-Hour Group Mentoring with Jesua

A profound opportunity to gather and bring your burning questions and reports, allowing this catalytic dialogue to support us all.

8 Module Online “Vigilance & Mercy” Curriculum

Including over 16 inspiring videos, 12 audio transmissions, and 8 heart-stirring, thought-provoking written inquiries. The material in this curriculum is the result of over 28 years of spiritual discipleship and over 20 years of spiritual mentoring of hundreds of people towards lasting transformation!

Module #1: WANT:

What do you truly want? The requirement of courageous self-honesty. Rising to the occasion of your lifetime.

Module #2: OPEN:

The invitation to open to what’s here. Opening counterintuitively to discomfort, to uncertainty, to fear, to despair, to anger is the way home to your own heart. The gateway to deepening vigilance.

Module #3: PRESENCE:

This present moment is always the only moment to make a new choice. Overhearing ourselves. Exposing our unique patterns of self-sabotage or self-betrayal.

Module #4: CHOOSE:

Taking responsibility for suffering in your life. Claiming true spiritual maturity. Transforming our wounds into gifts.

Module #5: STOP:

The extraordinary capacity to be still, to be quiet, to stop the story. To stop the lie. To stop the emotional drama. To stop the mental spin. To stop the addictive behavior. What has to be faced once we stop??

Module #6: BURN:

To burn is to sit in the hot flame of your own vigilance. To burn is to welcome the holy fire of your own sobriety. Cultivating true self-respect.

Module #7: FORGIVE:

What do we have to face or release in order to open to forgiving ourselves or another? What life-force can be liberated when we release resentment and blame and open to fully forgiving ourselves and others?

Module #8: SURRENDER:

Moment by moment leaning in to what’s holding us all. Handing ourselves over in empowered co-creation with the Divine. Wholehearted willingness. Coming home to Love.

Weekly Catalytic Assignments

Receive written invitations and spiritual inquiries that allow you to take this immersion as deeply as you wish.

Weekly Email Support

Write to Jesua via Email once per week, submitting reports or questions, and receive insightful written feedback.

Private Facebook Group

Members only 24/7 Community Support, overseen by Jesua. Share your daily insights, breakthroughs and revelations. Let yourself be witnessed and supported by like-minded kindreds.


Investment: $1200

 Option 1:
Pay in full now $1100, and save $100!

Plus, receive a bonus:

1 additional 60 min 1:1 Integrative Session with Jesua ($200 value) during the course or upon completion of the course

Option 2:
Payment Plan:

 2 payments of $600 each

“Being in Jesua’s presence, is itself, a transmission. Her guidance has been absolutely vital in my healing and awakening journey.

Over and over again, Jesua has gently turned my wounded or judgmental perspective back to love. She meets me with fierce, sacred presence, and I learn to meet myself through this.

Jesua has guided me home to my true self, and helped to illuminate my highest path of service in the world.”

— Amanda, psychotherapist, wilderness guide and earth wisdom teacher, Asheville, NC


“Jesua is an angel who has come to re-teach us the ways of light and love. It is an honor to be in her midst. Nothing else compares.”

—Caitlin Naramore, fempreneur and writer, Brooklyn, NY

“Jesua is a truly extraordinary woman—a bright shining star lighting the way home.

She teaches as she lives: with clarity, intelligence, heart and humor.”

 — Gangaji, world-renowned spiritual teacher and author